Our Process

Our Process

Step 1: Relax

Creating your next suit should enhance your life, not cause you more stress.

Step 2: Choose your fabric

We work with some of the worlds finest fabric mills and everything in between. We’ll help you pick the perfect fabric that suits your lifestyle and pocketbook.

Step 3: Create your style

Every detail will be discussed and planned. With us, almost every personal design detail is possible. You want a hidden pocket for you iPhone? No problem. You want your wedding vows discreetly embroidered on the inside of your jacket? We’ve got you.

Step 4: Get measured

Over 25 measurements are taken for suit orders. Here we will discuss the fit and the cut of your suit. The beauty of bespoke tailoring is that we aim to even out all personal quirks of stature and posture to improve your overall appearance.

Step 5: Get Fitted

Your first fitting (also known as a baste fitting) will be in about two weeks.